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July 29th-31st, 2022.

Official AFTER MOVIE 2021


About this incredible event

Organized by ULTRA LIFE Sport Club and Sport Management Events (official reseller LIVE TRAIL in Romania) BUCOVINA ULTRA ROCKS ® will show the runners and supporters a magic, still untouched part of Romania, legendary Bucovina. The ULTRA ROCKS race, 110k (6510 D+/-), is passing natural reservation of Lady’s Rocks (Pietrele Doamnei), Rarau summit (1650m), Devil’s Mills Gorge (Cheile Moara Dracului), Slatioara Secular High Forest (Codrul Secular Slatioara) – UNESCO heritage with 3-400 years old trees, Pietrosu Bistritei summit (1793) and Giumalau summit (1857m) than has a final tough climb on Runc (400m+ elevation in 1.4k) starting from Campulung Moldovenesc

The Rarau and the Giumalau Mountains dominate the charming Bucovina, enchanting the runners and supporters with their picturesque beauty and wild natural landscapes. Full of dense coniferous forests and secular woods, bathed in quick and crystalline springs, animated by the cheerful chirping of the birds, these mountains invite you to discover their charm. On the trails of the massifs, at the foot of the great white rocks, or in the meadows full of multicolored flowers, you will come to know the harmony of the stone fortress surrounded by legends. Trail running lovers will enjoy spectacular panoramas, mysterious sunrises and sunsets and ancient stories passed on from the elders.

Legends and magic places

The Lady’s Stones (Pietrele Doamnei) represent one of the most impressive tourist attractions. It is said that during a Tartar invasion, Petru Rares the ruler took his family and part of his fortune in the mountains, to protect them from the invaders. It is said that big rocks came off from the sky, falling over the place where the treasure was hidden. Lady Elena and her son got away alive, but from that moment on, the place got the name of Lady’s Stones. The three imposing towers are situated close to the old Rarau chalet, at an altitude of 1634 meters. The area is declared a natural reservation due to the plant species here, protected by law: the edelweiss, Venus’s slipper and argintica (Dryas octopetala).

Another point of interest for the tourists is the Devil’s Mills Gorges (Cheile Moara Dracului), dug in stone on a length of 60-70 meters. The noisy water falls over the vertical walls in white cascades of various sizes.

The geological reservation houses species of yew, spruce, mouse ear and a rich fauna, with lynxes, deer and Carpathian bears. The smooth valley gradually narrows, leading the traveler to Pietrele Arse, Popii Raraului, Piatra Soimului or Piatra Zimbrului. Near Câmpulung Moldovenesc there are the Izvorul Alb Gorges, flanked by Piatra Buhei, an immense rock and a fossil of great importance. Owls nest in this reservation, which is one of their favorite places. Surrounded by grass lands and traditional households, the reservation offers a picturesque and harmonious view.

“The Rarau and the Giumalau are mountains which impress with their wilderness, they will be enjoyed by the lovers of authentic natural sceneries. Combining the abruptness and the greatness of the rocks with curious shapes and the harmony of the haystacks and the grass lands, they will lure you to the heights to offer spectacular panoramas. Running in this paradise will be a lifetime experience and you’ll definitely come back “.


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