Beast 180


The BEAST track (180km with 9600m of elevation) is starting from Campulung Moldovenesc and is reaching twice Rarau summit (1650m) with a loop to Devil’s Mills Gorge and Codru Secular Slatioara (UNESCO heritage), than heading to Pietrosu Bistritei summit (1793m). Starting than a long downhill up to Paltinis village than heading to Calimani National Park: Iezerul Calimaniului peak (2032m)-Voievodeasa (1852m)- Bradul Ciont (1899m)- Ratitis (2021)- Negoiul Unguresc (2081m) and the last and highest point of the area Pietrosul Calimaniului (2100m). After this trip we go for a long route to Vatra Dornei through Rezervatia Naturala 12 Apostoli- ski slope Vatra Dornei. Crossing the town and heading Giumalau summit (1857m) than a nice forest route to Transrarau crossing to Obcini, downhill to Paraul Mesteacan than back to the finish line in Campulung Moldovenesc with a final tough climb on Runc (+400m in 1.4km).

Race Records:

(M): Bartha Balint (ROM) (2021): 29h39’13”; (W): Rodica Emilia BOGDAN (ROM) (2021): 41h49’30”

UTMB qualifying race:

ITRA evaluation :

Aid Stations* :

  1. Izvorul Alb km 7 – HC
  2. Varful Rarau (1) km 14 – AHC
  3. Moara Dracului Km 21 – HC
  4. Slatioara km 27 – AHC
  5. Varful Rarau (2) km 34 – AHCMP
  6. Zugreni EGGER point km 43 – AHC CUT OFF 9H (time of the day: Friday 18:00 p.m.) + equipment check
  7. Pietrosu Bistritei km 50 – C
  8. Poiana Prislop km 52 – HC
  9. Izvorul Arinului km 65 – AHC
  10. Paltinis km 81 – AHCMP + Drop Bag CUT OFF 18:30 H (time of the day: Saturday 03:30 a.m.) + equipment check
  11. Cabana Retitis km 100 – AHC (sleep area)
  12. Saua Negoiu km 103 – C
  13. Pietrosul Calimaniului km 108 – C
  14. Poiana Izvoarelor km 110 – HC
  15. Schitul 12 Apostoli km 123 – AHC
  16. Vatra Dornei km 145 – AHCMP + pacer allowed (see the chapter in RULES) CUT OFF 41H ( time of the day Sunday 02:00 a.m.)+ equipment check (sleep area)
  17. Varful Giumalau km 163 – AHC 
  18. Stana Transrarau km 168 – AHC 
  19. Runc km 179 – C
  20. Finish Campulung Moldovenesc km 180– AHCM Cut-off time: 50h (Sunday August 1st, 11:00 a.m.)

A – aid food (fruits, sweets, salted food), H- hydration (water, iso, cola), C- control (nano system), M hot meal (soup, pasta, rice,…), P – personal assistance , allowed

Your BEAST 180 track *

Total distance: 179 km
Max elevation: 2056 m
Min elevation: 692 m
Total climbing: 9677 m
Total descent: -9678 m
Download file: BEAST 180.gpx

* This track could be subject to minor changes due to situation on the field after the winter period

Strong previous experience in ultramarathon’s needed to register to this race !!! (minim one race with over 100k)

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