We are a small team of running junkies with a wide range of skills and experiences. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to contact us .

Paul Smereciuc

Race Manager (born in Bucovina)

Running addicted, finisher of many ultras around the world and in Romania (Lavaredo Ultra Trail, MIUT, Transgrancanaria, Orobie Ultra Trail, CiucasX3, Maraton Apuseni, Ultrabug, Via Maria Theresia, Transylvania 100k) and organizer through Sport Management Events of other many races: Cluj EcoTrail Ultramarathon, Hoia Baciu Night Run, La Salina Race, Transilvania Half Marathon, Feleacu Running Hills, Baia Mare Half Marathon.

Costin Soroceanu

Race Director (born in Bucovina)

Through trail running and mountain guiding Costin is sharing everyday his passion for mountains. Creating and checking the tracks, Costin is preparing for you long up hills and technical downhills in one of the most challenging ultra race in Romania.

Sergiu Bersan

Check Points Coordinator (born in Bucovina)

Working for Salvamont Suceava, Sergiu is also an ultrarunner finishing a lot of important ultramarathons in Romania and abroad. He is in charge with your comfort and safety.

Mateo Smereciuc

Chrono Manager (born in Cluj)

At only 17 years old, he is the Head of Timing with UrTime and LiveTrail for not only for Bucovina Ultra Rocks but for many other races.

Mateo is a multi-tasker.

Whether it’s leading a checkpoint on top of a mountain or training volunteers to use the timing system, he will do anything in his power to solve any problem that might come up during a race.

No sleep.

Cami Ciurusniuc

VolunTEAM Coordinator (born in Bucovina)

Cami is the very heart of this event. With kind words for everybody she is coordinating the full and large team of volunteers that you meet on base camp or in the check points.

Robert Hajnal

Ambassador Bucovina Ultra Rocks® (not born in Bucovina)

Best Romania ultramarathoner Robert win all major Romania ultra races like Transylvania 100k, CiucasX3, Maraton Apuseni, Ultrabug, Marathon 7500, Cluj EcoTrail Ultramarathon many with course records, FKT on Creasta Făgărașului and 2nd Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc 2018, 4th MIUT 2019, 5th North Face Lavaredo 2017, 5th Ultra Trail Cape Town 2017, 1st Olympus Mythical Trail 2020. His is running also Trailrunning Academy – trail running coaching and also NextRace running platform.

Winner of Ultra Rocks 110k 2020: 13h16min (885 ITRA)

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Ana Cristina Constantin

Ambassador Bucovina Ultra Rocks®

Living in Spain, proud member of Romania Ultramarathon National Team, Ana took 2nd place in Spain Ultra Cup 2019, a very tough trail running circuit. Winner of Haria Extreme Lanzarote 2019, Ciucas X3 2018, 2nd on FalcoTrail, Ultra Sierra Nevada, Gran Vuelta Valle del Genal, 4th on TDG ( Tor 130 – Tot Dret).

Winner of Ultra Rocks 110k 2020

Viorica Malai

Ambassador Bucovina Ultra Rocks®

Born not so far from Bucovina Vio is a long distance runner passionate about exploring nature all around the world. Interested in learning things and running any kind of distances. Finisher of several ultras (Ultra Apuseni, Marathon 7500, Via Maria Theresia, Ultra Trail Fagaras, 100 miles of Istria, Orobie Ultra Trail, MIUT, Transgrancanaria, 3 times Tor des Géants). Winner of the Carpathian Mountain Running Circuit in 2017. Bronze medal with the National Romanian Team at the World Ultra Trail Championship in Portugal in 2019.

Winner of 4 Summits 88k 2020 !

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