Tihamer J

“49 km., 3100 D+ elevation without special training. When the race was announced, I was thinking about the registration because I wasn’t sure if I can participate in the race. I haven’t run trail for more than six months. In the days before the race I decided that I will give it a try. I registered (thank you Paul Smereciuc 🙏)and from that on the adventure began.
The whole competition was a big adventure, we ran trough beautiful landscapes, mountains, valleys, forests, and creeks. The whole experience was made even better by the excellent organization and by the fantastic competition atmosphere.
It wasn’t an easy competition. Rough ascents, technical descenders, and at the end the “Mountain of Tears”🙂 (1.5 km, 400 d +), as a runner called it.
At the end my body was in a lot of pain, but I had an incredible experience, after the lockdown. Thank you dear organizers and volunteers. See you next year!🙂”

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