We probably have the best volunTEAM in trail running events in Romania.

More than 200 volunteers will make Bucovina Ultra Rocks 2022 an epic event. It’s a 1/5 ratio (volunteers/runners) !

Coming from a large range of ages, experiences and backgrounds BUR 2022 volunTEAM will enhance the runner experience. They will make you cross the finish line with a large smile on your face. After so many kilometers in some fantastic sceneries meeting people from Bucovina will be a well deserved bonus.

So, do it know. Come with us in a crazy experience:

It’s not easy, in fact it’s hard work. You’ll have to spend one or maybe two night on the mountains assisting the main players of the game. Support them in their heroic adventure.

You’ll have: free accomodation with our partner Colegiul Silvic Bucovina, a nice VolunTEAM kit (official VolunTEAM t-shirt, free registration to 2022 event, …), food and drinks, transport to the asigned check point

Cami, your mother
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