Lady’s Rocks 48k

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EGGER is the largest employer in Suceava and one of the largest employers in northeastern Moldova.
EGGER supports Bucovina Ultra Rocks® 2021 – a good opportunity to prove our community involvement and support for sports work for our employees and those who want to have a healthy lifestyle.


A classic loop between Rarau (1650m) – Giumalau (1857m)-Runc (1120m) with start/finish Campulung Moldovenesc (Runc ski slope).

Race Records:

(M): Leonard MITRICA (ROM) (2020): 4h44’20”; (W): Andreea Alina PISCU (ROM) (2021): 6h10’50”

UTMB qualifying race:

ITRA Evaluation:

Aid Stations:

  1. Izvorul Alb km 7 – HC
  2. Rarau km 14 – AHC
  3. Zugreni EGGER point km 23 – AHC – Cut-off time: 8h + equipment check
  4. Giumalau vf  km 28 – AHC
  5. Stana Transrarau km 34 -AHC
  6. Runc km 46 – C
  7. Finish Campulung Moldovenesc km 47 – AHC – Cut-off time: 14h

A – aid food (fruits, sweets, salted food), H- hydration (water, iso, cola), C- control

Your LADY’S ROCK 48k track*

Total distance: 48.52 km
Max elevation: 1829 m
Min elevation: 679 m
Total climbing: 3207 m
Total descent: -3218 m
Download file: Lady_s_Rocks.gpx

foto: 2020
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