photo Ovidiu Stefeliga

International Trail Running Association (ITRA) and UTMB (Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc) have always been an inspiration for us and their values have been a foundation for what we believe in.

We, at Bucovina Ultra Rocks® will always be ignited by Passion, by a burning desire to Make a difference in the runners’ competition experience, we treasure Fairplay and Wholeheartedness.

We do our best to Serve those who give us their Trust and we embrace Vulnerability, for we will always chase Progress, not perfection.

As a guide line for our behaviour and actions we wish to formulate the benchmarks that guide the interaction with our runners, partners, volunteers, spectators, local inhabitants, organizers of other races and all the people we interact with when organizing such an event.

This sport , trail-running, is experiencing in the present important changes such as the restrictions and cancelations we’ve all been forced to apply during these hard times, but meanwhile a constantly increasing number of participants from Romania and many other countries, a large diversity of motivations and profiles, an impact upon the environment that has to be taken care of, a lot of people that need to change their lifestyle and get closer to nature. In this context of change, we will stick to our Values which go beyond the sport itself and make our stories of trail-running a life journey: Justness, Respect for People and for Diversity, Selfcare, Respect for the environment and Solidarity.

4k timelaps ROMANIA

a time-lapse video resulting from a 10,000 km long road trip and thousands of images taken along the way over the last 4 years(2014-2018). The journey has covered almost all of Romania’s counties.
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